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BootRacer Premium
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Monitors Boot Time and Controls Startup Programs!

[size=small][color=#1e364d]BootRacer is a small utility which gives you control over which of your programs start automatically when Windows boots. At the click of a button, BootRacer will delay the initiation of those startup programs which you’ve decided don’t need to start simultan
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BootRacer Premium x 5
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BootRacer 7.10 Free Released
Scanned 100% Malware Free & Clean With Kaspersky Free & Vendor: (Greatis Software) & Trusted ( digital signature)  &  Digital signature : ( Greatis Software LLC) : http://www.greatis.com/bootracer/news.htm      
BootRacer News
BootRacer 7.10!
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BootRacer 7.10 December 26 2017
New: Quick Speedup feature!
Fixed bugs.
Added new beautiful finish screens!      http://www.greatis.com/bootracer/download.htm?force=1       System Requirements
For using BootRacer you need:

A persona
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BootRacer 7.60 (Freeware) December 19 2018 Released
http://www.greatis.com/bootracer/news.htm       [quote]  BootRacer News     BootRacer 7.60 December 19 2018
Added “System is almost ready” animation window during boot.
Fixed bug with failed executing Security Health application on Windows 10 (1809).
Fixed bug with clearing RunOnce registry keys.
Fixed bug with hanging BootRacer during Windows boot-up.
http://www.greatis.com/bootracer/download.htm?force=1       BootRacer is free for non-commercial use.      BootRacer is 100% CLEAN, which means i
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BootRacer Premium
BootRacer finds out which programs slow down Windows boot-up process!

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Ultimate Service Optimizer

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BootRacer Premium 10 Nos. licenses
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BootRacer: Monitors Boot Time and Detects Slow Startup Programs
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BootRacer is a light-weight, easy to use and convenient tool for monitoring the Windows PC boot time and controlling over startup programs. The main approach of BootRacer is an ability to exclude a user password timeout time from the calculated total.

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Current version: BootRacer 7.83 [b