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RoboForm 7.9.21
Version 8.3.5 -- May 01, 2017
* New design for RoboForm Start Page.
* Installer: Use '%localappdata%\RoboForm\Profiles\Default Profile' as RoboForm data folder for new users.
* Installer: fix closing applications during RoboForm installation/uninstallation;
* Licenses: update design of license notifications and conditions when they should be shown.
* Toolbar Menu: fix a bug with RoboForm toolbar menu appearance on tablets.
* Localization: add Portuguese, update German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
* Backup/Restore: implement common dialog for Backup and Restore operations.
* Import: add support for more columns of 1Password and LastPass.
* Password Generator: add password strength indicator.
* Firefox Integration: do not inject RoboForm DLL into Firefox as Firefox will not allow it soon.
* Miscellaneous fixes in RoboForm Editor, Sharing and Emergency Access.
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