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EZ CD Audio Converter 4.0.9
  • Updated AAC encoder
    • FhG FDK AAC encoder 3.4.22p3
    • Fine tuned low and mid range bitrate encoding bandwidths for improved audio quality
    • Adjusted AAC LC VBR mode bitrate ranges
  • Improved Cue Sheet support
    • Added GENRE, DATE, COMMENT, and SONGWRITER (per user requests)
  • Added audio conversion from .TS video files
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  • User interface improvements
  • Language updates
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  • Fixed an UI bug in enhanced metadata editor, where inline editing of a metadata value was not applied
  • Improved Audio CD Ripper track list and Audio Converter file list control (bug fix and performance improvement)
  • New 30-day free trial period for trial version users
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  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Audio Converter's metadata editing where the program would randomly crash with "Access Violation" or "Abnormal program termination."
  • Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug where GD3 query would freeze when there is an unexpected field in XML metadata
  • Cover Art box now displays the first found metadata image if there is no "Cover Art (front)" tagged metadata image
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  • Apply ReplayGain - Normalization, dB value can now be set with accuracy of one decimal place
  • Audio Converter's enhanced metadata editor, removal of ISRC metadata now works
  • Cover Art box image type name is now translated
  • Updated language translations
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  • Bugfix: Audio Converter hanging when adding a folder structure that has subfolder(s) without audio file(s)
  • Can create filenames ending with a dot (e.g. "Born in the U.S.A..flac")
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6.0 - Creators Update
  • Certified for Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Improved performance
  • Latest audio codecs included
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  • Codec updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved APEv2, can now handle very large metadata (more than 256 metadata fields)
  • Improved the UI performance of the enhanced metadata editor
  • Other general performance and UI improvements
  • Language updates
  • Windows Store update
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  • Restored access to Amazon web services, so that Amazon Cover Art Search feature works again
  • Codec updates
    • Opus 1.1.5
    • Monkey's Audio 4.25
  • Opus Codec now writes ReplayGain2 (EBU R128) information to R128_TRACK_GAIN/R128_ALBUM_GAIN tags instead of REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN/REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN tags as defined by the Opus Codec standard. New implementation is compatible with Opus header gain feature and Opus compatible players.
  • Detailed codec information dialog for output formats
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That update is too quick and don't know why to have so many updates !!!
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