CyberGhost Premium Plus Giveaway - 5x (1 Year Licenses)
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As you all know I recently had a CyberGhost Premium Plus 1 Year License Gleam contest on the blog. I sent out emails to all the selected winners once it had ended and only received 6 emails claiming their win. Activation deadline on the license keys I received from CyberGhost is September 1st, 2016 and I would like to give these to forum members who will use them before the expiration date.

If you would like a chance on one of these licenses just reply below and I will random draw 5 names next week. If you don't plan on activating the license by the expiration date please don't enter this giveaway.
Thanks Mike for a great opportunity for all the members.
Hope to win this time.
Thanks Mike for the opportunity.Count me in too
Thanks so much Mike,
I hope to win a license.i really need it.
Best Regards,
Thanks Mike for another chance to win this giveaway.

Have a Great Day!
Thank you, I would use this license.
[Quote="sterchin 'pid =' 33954 'dateline =' 1470804460 ']
Dziękuję, chciałbym skorzystać z tej licencji.
Thank you for the giveaway.
Thank you for the giveaway.
thanks a lot for this giveaway

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