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evernote onenote how migrate

tarekma7How to migrate from Evernote to OneNote
The following guide walks you through the process of migrating all of your Evernote notebooks to Microsoft's OneNote service.

Evernote's recent announcement that it would limit basic users to syncing two devices, and increase pricing of the service for all paying customers, will certainly lead to users leaving the service behind.

One Evernote alternative is Microsoft's OneNote service. OneNote supports many features of Evernote, and tops the service in others. It features unlimited monthly uploads for instance, is free, and enables you to write anywhere on a page.

Migrate from Evernote to OneNote

[Image: migrate_evernote_onenote.png]
As far as migration from Evernote to OneNote is concerned, the easiest option is to use Microsoft's Evernote to OneNote importer. The program is only available for Windows 7 and later only however.

Good news is that it supports two ways of migrating your data from Evernote to OneNote. The easier one of the two picks up the data from the local Evernote program for Windows, the other manually exported Evernote data files with the .enex extension.

The easy method
[Image: import_evernote_to_onenote.png]

  1. Make sure Evernote for Windows is installed, and that you signed in recently so that all data including recent additions is available on the local computer.

  2. Install Microsoft's Evernote to OneNote Importer program on the same device.

  3. Accept the license agreement when you start the importer, and click on the get started button.

  4. The importer scans the device for Evernote notebooks, and displays all it finds in its interface.

  5. Select one, some or all Evernote notebooks for the migration and click on the next button.

  6. You need to sign in to a Microsoft Account, or a work or school account now. Select the appropriate option from the selection menu. If you don't have a Microsoft account, there is also an option to sign up for one.

  7. If you are using Windows 10, your Microsoft account may be picked up automatically. If not, you need to enter the username and password manually to complete the step.

  8. OneNote creates new notebooks for every Evernote notebook automatically during the migration. You may check the "use Evernote tags to organize content in OneNote" option to use the tagging system on OneNote as well.

  9. Click on the import button to complete the process.

[Image: importing_evernote_content.png]
The import may take a while depending on the content that is stored on Evernote.

The manual way

You may use Microsoft's OneNote Importer to import Evernote .enex files instead. You may use the Evernote for Windows or Mac application to save notebooks as .enex files.

Instructions on how to do so are provided on the Evernote help website.

The process is nearly identical from that point on. The only change is that you need to select database files manually, and that you can import only one notebook at a time using the method.
[Image: evernote_import_enex.png]
Considering that the importer will pick up all notebooks by default if the Evernote application is installed on the same computer, it is without doubt easier to use it instead of the manual method.

If you are using a Mac or Linux, you may want to consider using a virtual machine installation of Windows for the importing if you want to switch to OneNote.


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