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packtpub Free Learning - Daily Free eBook
July 9 2016

Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns

Improve and optimize JavaScript code - pick up today's free eBook and learn some of the most effective design patterns in modern web development. Web developers: you don't want to miss it!

What You Will Learn

  • Organize your code with classes and modules
  • Explore the original Gang of Four patterns and learn how to apply them to JavaScript
  • Decrease the degree of coupling in applications and increase code reuse through creational patterns
  • Rethink your coding through the use of functional patterns
  • Master advanced JavaScript patterns such as dependency injection and live postprocessing
  • Improve the testability of your code with mock objects, mocking frameworks, and monkey patching
  • Discover the patterns that are the basis of modern JavaScript libraries such as Knockout.js, Angular.js, and Backbone.js
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July 10 2016

Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition

The second edition of Object Oriented JavaScript has been one of our most popular titles of the last few years - and you can read it for free today! Created to help you dive deeper into JavaScript and explore it from a new perspective, this book combines practical guidance with useful theoretical insight so you can become a more fluent and confident JavaScript developer.

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of object-oriented programming, and how to apply it in the JavaScript environment
  • How to set up and use your training environment (Firebug)
  • In depth discussion of data types, operators, and flow control statements in JavaScript
  • In depth discussion of functions, function usage patterns, and variable scope
  • Understand how prototypes work
  • Reuse code with common patterns for inheritance
  • Make your programs cleaner, faster and compatible with other programs and libraries
  • Use object-oriented JavaScript for improving script performance
  • Achieve missing object-oriented features in JavaScript
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July 11 2016

Linux Utilities Cookbook

Everything you need to know about Linux but were afraid to ask. This book will make you a master of the command line and teach you how to configure the network, write shell scripts, build a custom kernel, and much more.

  • Use the command line like a pro
  • Pick a suitable desktop environment
  • Learn to use files and directories efficiently
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July 12 2016 Development Blueprints

Design and develop real-world, cutting-edge cloud applications using the powerful development framework

  • Create advanced cloud applications using the best technologies
  • Bring your cloud application ideas to market faster using the proven infrastructure
  • Step-by-step tutorials show you how to quickly develop real-world cloud applications
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July 13 2016

Instant PHP Web Scraping

Put PHP to work for web scraping with today's free eBook - find out how to bridge the gap between web development and data analysis to give your software skills a boost. Make sure you download it before it disappears!

What You Will Learn

  • Scrape and parse data from web pages using a number of different techniques
  • Create custom scraping functions
  • Download and save images and documents
  • Retrieve and scrape data from emails
  • Save scraped data into a MySQL database
  • Submit login and file upload forms
  • Use regular expressions for pattern matching
  • Process and validate scraped data
  • Crawl and scrape multiple pages of a website

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July 14 2016

Voice Application Development for Android

Speech technology has been around for some time now. However, it has only more recently captured the imagination of the general public with the advent of personal assistants on mobile devices that you can talk to in your own language. The potential of voice apps is huge as a novel and natural way to use mobile devices. Voice Application Development for Android is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a series of clear, step-by-step examples which will help you to build on the basic technologies and create more advanced and more engaging applications. With this book, you will learn how to create useful voice apps that you can deploy on your own Android device in no time at all

What You Will Learn
  • Use text-to-speech synthesis so that your device can talk to you
  • Enable your device to recognize your speech
  • Create simple voice interactions to get information and carry out commands
  • Develop a voice app that engages in a dialogue with you to collect the information required to perform a transaction
  • Use grammars to enable your app to understand the meaning behind your words
  • Make use of different languages in your apps
  • Add multimodal interaction to your apps as an alternative to speech
  • Build a voice-based personal assistant using an open source development platform for chatbots
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July 15 2016

GLSL Essentials

If you’re involved in graphics programming, you need to know about shaders, and this is the book to do it. A hands-on guide to the OpenGL Shading Language, it walks you through the absolute basics to advanced techniques.

What You Will Learn
  • Use vertex shaders to dynamically displace or deform a mesh on the fly
  • Colorize your pixels unleashing the power of fragment shaders
  • Learn the basics of the Phong Illumination model to add emphasis to your scenes
  • Combine textures to make your scene more realistic
  • Save CPU and GPU cycles by performing instanced drawing
  • Save bandwidth by generating geometry on the fly
  • Learn about GPU Generic programming concepts
  • Convert algorithms from CPU to GPU to increase performance
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July 16 2016

Persistence in PHP with Doctrine ORM

This book is designed for PHP developers and architects who want to modernize their skills through better understanding of Persistence and ORM. You’ll learn through explanations and code samples, all tied to the full development of a web application.

What You Will Learn
  • Install Doctrine through the Composer dependency manager
  • Configure Doctrine Command Line Tools
  • Learn to manage relations between entities with different association types
  • Create data fixtures, a custom entity repository, and native SQL queries
  • Master the query builder to generate DQL queries
  • Get started with inheritance and lifecycle events
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July 17 2016

Learning Metasploit Exploitation and Development

Metasploit is an open source exploit framework that provides you with heaps of exploits, as well as tools to assist you in creating your own exploits. This includes the ability to generate a large range of shellcodes for different purposes and platforms that can be customized to attack your target. The recent improvements in network security mechanisms have given rise to new trends and techniques of compromising a network. This title is your gateway deals to these recent trends and attack tips to compromise the weakest to the strongest of networks. Metasploit Exploitation and Development describes actual penetration testing skills and ways to penetrate and assess different types of networks that every pentester worth their salt should know!

What You Will Learn
  • Learn the basics of exploitation
  • Gather information for a victim
  • Get to grips with vulnerability assessment with the best tools using Metasploit
  • Exploit research with Metasploit
  • Discover the latest exploits for the new operating systems
  • Find out about the post exploitation tricks such as backdoors, sniffing, and cleaning traces
  • Exploit development using Metasploit
  • Learn about the client side exploitation tricks
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July 18 2016

Learning NumPy Array

Supercharge your scientific Python computations by understanding how to use the NumPy library effectively

What You Will Learn
  • Install NumPy and discover its arrays and features
  • Perform data analysis and complex array operations with NumPy
  • Analyze time series and perform signal processing
  • Understand NumPy modules and explore the scientific Python ecosystem
  • Improve the performance of calculations with clean and efficient NumPy code
  • Analyze large data sets using statistical functions and execute complex linear algebra and mathematical computations
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