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Reputation Rules
The reputation system is designed to allow individual members to evaluate the content of each others posts. We have this set so users can give only a positive reputation. The user must also give a brief but meaningful explanation regarding why rep was given. The reputation system is meant to encourage constructive contributions to the forum, so when giving rep, one must indicate why and how the post was helpful.

There are several rules that apply directly to leaving a positive reputation. Most importantly, please explain why a reputation comment is being left.

1. Reputation comments must explain why the reputation is being given. Empty reputation (those without reason) are not allowed.

2. Leaving reputation can not be based on opinion or a conflict of opinion. Before leaving the comment, consider if it could be posted in the thread to promote further discussion.

3. Reputation must be of the purpose to evaluate the quality of a post. Consider if it should be in a post instead.

4. Asking for Reputation in a giveaway posting or topic is prohibited.

5. Reputation is optional so only give it to someone if you want.

6. Staff reserve the rights to remove invalid reputation to avoid abuse.

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