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MyMyk Audio Reporter
MyMyk Audio Reporter 1.1

Quote:[Image: iHh2j7Q.png]

MyMyk Audio Reporter is the complete reporters audio recorder and report organiser complete with Station Identification FLAG. This is the ultimate tool for the reporter. Have your station identified with your own custom screen, Easy to down load from the camera roll either from an imported graphic or a photo taken by the iPhone.  The My Myk reporter APP is a standalone audio recorder and report organiser system, which allows you to record interviews and audio projects straight to your IOS device for future editing and transmitting. Monitor levels as you record, listen back to the reports immediately. Edit takes, geotag recordings, assign recording notes, then at the touch of a button export the files via email, drop box or WIFI.

By using the My Myk Smart-input adaptor cable you can plug your Smartmyk Directional microphone into your IOS device. Only pick up the sounds you want recorded, rejecting the questions from other reporters, to ensure you get the hot news items loud and clear.
Importing your own station flag ensures your TV or Radio station is the one that gets noticed.

- Station Identification FLAG illuminates when record selected  
- Import your own Flag via camera roll. either by imported graphic or iPhone camera
- Record and pause for seamless takes.
- Record Audio files in either 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz sampling rates
- File organiser to categories recordings within news items.
- Highly visible VU meter for checking microphone levels prior to recording.
- Highly visible bar graph meter on the Station page to indicate recording levels.
- External microphone support when using My Myk Smart-input Adaptor.
- Transfer recordings to other applications such as drop box or email, or to your computer via WiFi or iTunes
- Mark Audio clips with GPS coordinates and show in Maps.
- Add notes to recordings
- Airplane mode warning prompt to prevent recording being interrupted by incoming phone calls.

[Image: rznXfUx.jpg]

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