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Make Us Laugh - Photo Caption Contest 24 (McAfee Antivirus Plus)
Big Grin  Hello dear users. Make us laugh based on this photo, replying with a good caption/remark. The winner will be awarded with 1 year license of McAfee Antivirus Plus that is worth $ 59.99

[Image: V6HuXD3l.jpg]

this pool
It is very hard
to swim with bicycle undefined Shocked

The contest is open for 10 days, 1 winner with best caption/remark will be chosen from our members that will post here and will receive the license directly from me.

Good luck to all the participants
"I'M THE MAN!!! Faster than a speeding bus!  More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!" "Wait! What's that in the water...POTHOLE!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 

[Image: UbvEUS5.gif]
this pool
It is very hard
to swim with bicycle Shocked
"Here we see a Green Peace fanatic showing, through great personal sacrifice, that even people can be recycled." Big Grin
being wet or dry doesnt matter, when its rainy !  Rolleyes

the main thing is keeping your umbrella on your head all the time Angel
My wife said if that umbrella will break then i will call my mother home for 6th month.
The winner has been chosen: eufrasiox and the license has been sent to him.


Congratulations eufrasiox. Thanks dinosaur07 for the good work
Congratulations on your win eufrasiox.

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