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XYplorer 16.50.0100
.......... XYplorer ver 18.20 .....................................................
v18.20.0000 - 2017-07-27 18:00
= NEW OFFICIAL RELEASE. Main developments since last release:
+++ Age Circles. Little visual helpers that let you instantly grasp the rough
age of a file. No more brain power wasted on deciphering date strings.
Addictive killer feature of the year so far.
+++ Age Tips. Now when you hover any cell in any date column the corresponding
age is displayed in a tooltip.
v18.20.0200 - 2017-08-05 15:00
+++ Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

v18.20.0105 - 2017-08-04 23:03
* Age Circles Tooltip: Now additionally to the age the absolute date is
shown including the week of the day. IMO that's a usable bit of
human-friendly info.
* Size Circles Tooltip: Now additionally to the raw bytes count the size is
shown in flexible format if it's 1 KB or larger (otherwise it would just
be a repetition) and unless the Size column is in flexible format anyway.
% Speed: Reduced unnecessary network access in certain situations.
v18.20.0103 - 2017-08-04 13:06
* Info Panel | Properties: Undid change from v18.20.0005 - 2017-07-30 19:24.
Now the file dates are shown in full 7 places precision if Show
Milliseconds is on, regardless of the precision set by SC msecs.
v18.20.0102 - 2017-08-03 14:52
+ Configuration | Previewed Formats | Categories | Office Files: Added *.ai,
*.cgm, and *.ps.
! Info Panel | Properties: Time stamping would accept a 7 digits msecs
fraction appended to AM/PM but no less digits.
2017-07-31 11:55 AM.6752476 worked
2017-07-31 11:55 AM.675 did not work
Fixed. Now any number of digits work.
v18.20.0101 - 2017-08-01 15:50
+ Toolbar | Open With: Added toggle "Resolve Shortcuts before Matching" to
the button's context menu. Tick it to resolve LNK-files before matching
them to your Portable File Associations. The factory default is ON.
Note that before, the hard-coded behavior was OFF. So now you can turn it
on, and I even made it the factory default because I think it's the
expected behavior.
! Recycle Bin: If Windows File Explorer was set to "Hide known extensions"
then the Recycle Bin view in XYplorer would hide the extensions as well.
This is not desired though. Fixed.

v18.20.0100 - 2017-07-31 16:00
+++ Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

v18.20.0006 - 2017-07-31 15:15
! Type Stats and Filter: Adding or removing folders to/from the selections
did not work. Fixed.
! Catalog: Calling these commands from Catalog did not work:
"Move to Other Pane" #803;
"Copy to Other Pane" #804;
"Backup to Other Pane" #807;
v18.20.0005 - 2017-07-30 19:24
+ Tree and List | Shell Context Menu: Now you can force the 32-bit shell
context menu by Shift+Menu Key. These are your 3 options now:
- Menu Key: 32-bit or 64-bit Context Menu
(depends on setting in Configuration | Shell Integration)
- Shift+Menu Key: 32-bit Context Menu
- Ctrl+Menu Key: 64-bit Context Menu
* Shell Context Menu: The Shift+F10 alternative to the Menu key has 2
options now:
- Shift+F10: 32-bit Context Menu
- Ctrl+Shift+F10: 64-bit Context Menu
Note that this only works if Shift+F10 / Ctrl+Shift+F10 are not assigned as
a Custom Keyboard Shortcut.
* Milliseconds: Now the Info Panel / Properties tab and the new Edit Date...
command honor the settings of the tweaks ShowMilliSecondsPrecision and
ShowMilliSecondsCropNulls (which both can be set with the undocumented SC
msecs, cf v12.40.0304 - 2013-06-09 20:14).
! Tiles Views: On white-on-black coloring schemes the captions were in some
contexts not readable due to a coloring glitch. Fixed.
v18.20.0004 - 2017-07-30 11:37
+ List | Smart Right Click: Time Stamping commands now support fractions of
a second, and times in UTC (date with suffixed "Z").
* Address Bar and Go To: Raised the limit of the MRU list from 64 to 256.
v18.20.0003 - 2017-07-29 16:06
+ List | Smart Right Click: The new Time Stamping commands now apply to all
selected items if the right-clicked item is one of the selected items.
Otherwise they apply only to the right-clicked item.
v18.20.0002 - 2017-07-28 22:16
! List | Smart Right Click | Edit Date: Instead of doing nothing it stamped
to Now if you canceled the dialog. Fixed.
v18.20.0001 - 2017-07-28 19:53
+ Time Stamping: Now you can do it right in the list. Ctrl+Right-Click any
cell in any date column and the popup menu offers a new command "Edit
[Created/Modified/Accessed] Date..." at the bottom.
Tip: Set date to nothing to timestamp to now.
+ Time Stamping: If a valid date string happens to be in the clipboard then
you can paste-stamp that date onto any file date in any date column.
Ctrl+Right-Click any cell in any date column and you see the new command
"Set [Created/Modified/Accessed] Date to [Date]".
> Remember that the "rocker-click" (LM down + RM click) is a one-hand
alternative to Ctrl+Right-Click.
+ Age Circles: Now you can comment out whole lines in the definition by
prefixing // to the line.
+ Age Circles: Now they support the "rocker-click" (LM down + RM click) as
a one-hand alternative to Ctrl+Right-Click.
+ List: Added some Status Bar info on hovering the copy data commands in
smart right-click popup menus, so that newbies learn what they do.

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v18.20.0300 - 2017-08-25 12:00
+++ Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

v18.20.0208 - 2017-08-24 16:23
+ SC tweak: Added "TouchScreenMode", examples:
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 0); //set to 1 (16x16)
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 1); //set to 1 (32x32)
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 2); //set to 2 (48x48)
So now you can play with TouchScreenMode on the fly.
+ SC tweak enhanced: Added a "value2" parameter which allows toggling
between two specific values.
Syntax: tweak(key, [value], [value2])
key: Name of the setting (identical to its INI key).
value: Numeric. Desired value of the setting.
If "" then value is toggled between 1 and 0.
If missing then only the current value is returned.
value2: Numeric. If passed then the function toggles between value and value2.
return: The old value before the tweak was applied.
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 1, 0); //toggle 1 and 0
tweak("TouchScreenMode", ""); //toggle 1 and 0, old way
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 2, 0); //toggle 2 and 0
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 2, 1); //toggle 2 and 1
tweak("TouchScreenMode", 1, 2); //toggle 1 and 2
v18.20.0207 - 2017-08-23 13:52
+ Tweak TouchScreenMode: Experimentally added a tweak to force bigger icons
in Tree, List, and Catalog. Big enough to be touched with big fingers.
TouchScreenMode=0 'normal (usually 16x16 at 100% screen resolution)
TouchScreenMode=1 '32x32
TouchScreenMode=2 '48x48
This allows you to carry XY on a stick to any touchscreen system and still
use it without changing the host system display settings or bringing a mouse.
! Drives did not auto-refresh after mapping a network drive (Win 10 only).
v18.20.0206 - 2017-08-22 20:40
+ SC ReadFile enhanced by new "raw bytes" mode which allows a binary-safe
reading of bytes without any codepage-related conversion.
Name: ReadFile
Action: Read data from file into string.
Syntax: readfile([filename], [mode], [numbytes])
filename: file full path/name, or relative to current path
defaults to the current file
t: [default] text
whether file is ASCII or UNICODE is auto-detected
b: binary (converts bytes according to the active codepage)
corresponds to mode "b" in WriteFile()
r: raw bytes (binary safe, no conversion)
corresponds to mode "r" in WriteFile()
Examples (showing the first 50 bytes of the current file as hex dump):
text hexdump(readfile( , "b", 50), , "b"); //conversions possible
text hexdump(readfile( , "r", 50), , "b"); //you see the true bytes
Obviously, the "r" mode is recommended when doing a hex dump.
! File | To Clipboard | Text: The copied the raw bytes to the clipboard when
in fact it should have copied the interpreted bytes, e.g. decoded UTF-8
etc. Fixed.
! The locale related fix in v18.20.0203 has gone too far. The preview of
normal texts did not use the default codepage, e.g. Arabic, anymore.
v18.20.0204 - 2017-08-21 20:15
* Configuration | Tags | Toggle Labels by Label column click: Renamed the
setting to "Toggle tags by column click" matching the new functionality
added in v18.20.0202.
* Info Panel | Tags: Now the "Edit Text" font (Configuration | Fonts | Edit
Text) is used where tags or comments can be typed in. This is consistent
with other interfaces where tags or comments can be edited.
! Tags: Deleting several tagged files at once, or folder containing several
tagged files, could lead to a crash if those files were at the very end of
the alphabetically sorted list of all tagged items. Fixed.
v18.20.0203 - 2017-08-21 13:47
* Tags: Now the last used Comment is stored between sessions. This had
already been done for the last used Labels and Tags.
! Locale related errors when reading binary files because in some contexts
there still were some non-binary-safe conversions. As far as I see only
East-Asian locales were affected by this bug. Fixed.
v18.20.0202 - 2017-08-20 18:04
* Configuration | Tags | Toggle Labels by Label column click: Experimentally
this setting now also applies to Tags in the Tags column, and to Comments
in the Comments column.
The caption of the setting will be adjusted later if the experiment is
* Click and Search: Now when you click an item in a "Click and Search"
category any switches in the category are combined with any switches in
the item. Before, switches in the item were ignored when switches were
present in the category.
v18.20.0201 - 2017-08-19 15:21
* Age: The unit "week(s)" has been replaced by the unit "month(s)". The
latter appears to be easier to process for most brains.
The average length of a month is taken as 30.436875 days, which is the
12th part of 365.2425 (the average length of a year in days).
! Age Circles: Drawing glitch with checkboxes in Extra Columns when Age
v18.60.0014 - 2018-01-08 18:36
! Custom Copy: In a Rich Copy situation (source files are from multiple
locations, some of them have the same name), and you decline to perform a
Rich Copy, and you configured any collisions to "Affix last modified date
to existing", the latter would not have happened successfully if the
target folder was completely empty. Fixed.
* XYcopy: Updated to 2.10.0125.
* Updated the help file.

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