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Make Us Laugh - Photo Caption Contest 22 (iolo System Mechanic)
Lmao Hello dear members. Make us laugh based on this photo, replying with a good caption/remark. The winner will be awarded with 1 year license of iolo System Mechanic that is worth $ 49.95.

[Image: gN4REEvl.jpg]

MonBoob Lisa

The contest is open for 10 days, 1 winner with best caption/remark will be chosen from our members that will post here and will receive the license directly from me.
Thanks given by: Mike , Geo , scot , Gary66 , tofana
Augmented reality ... this picture is a 'titilating ' show of how virtual reality is growing in 2016 Tongue

thanks for this contest my friend
I entered just for fun  Roll on floor laughing
Thanks given by: dinosaur07
Always remember my dear you got life jackets built in Big Grin
Thanks given by: dinosaur07 , Mike
Dearest Lisa,

Since your trip to the Beverley Hills plastic surgeon  ... and hair do over, now I am the moaning one

Love from one of your adoring Parisian Louve-rs,

Thanks given by: dinosaur07
I'm a craze you'd endorse, am a powerful force
I'm obliged to conform when there's no other course
I used to look good to you, but now I know you find me...

Simply irresistible...Simply irresistible...Yeah baby..
Come and get some!

-- Robert Palmer's Pepsi Commercial -- Simply Irresistible
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Thanks given by: dinosaur07
That is 500 years of development.
Thanks given by: dinosaur07
MonBoob Lisa
Thanks given by: dinosaur07
kardashian version retouched by Kanye....
Thanks given by: dinosaur07
The winner has been selected: scorpio_sx. Bounce Thanks to all the participants.
Thanks given by: scot , scorpio_sx
I will leave these to other posters from now on Tongue
Thanks given by: dinosaur07

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