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claims nailed you demand porn have blackmail watching

tarekma7Blackmail demand claims to have nailed you watching porn
They say they have video of you watching porn, threaten to send it to your friends, and demand ransom in bitcoins? Don’t pay! We explain how this scam works.

One fine (or not so fine) day, you check your inbox and discover a message that starts like this:

“I’m aware, ********** is your password. You don’t know me and you are probably thinking why you are getting this email, right? Well, I actually placed a malware on the adult video clips (porn) web site…”

Or like this:

“I hacked this mailbox and infected your operating system with a virus…”

Or even:

“I’m part of an international hacker group. As you can guess, your account was hacked…”

All sorts of variants exist, but the message boils down to a claim that the sender infected your computer by hacking your account or placing malware on a porn site you visited. They appear to have harvested your e-mail contacts, social networks, instant messengers, and phone book. They appear to have total access to your device, and they’ve also, it appears, hijacked your webcam to make a video of you watching something.

[Image: T72VSWC.png]

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I use to get these all the time. I just delete them.

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