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changing windscribe better is things

mrtroutWindscribe is changing things (for the better)
Windscribe is changing things (for the better)

Windscribe <> Unsubscribe
Thu, Jan 21, 7:36 PM (4 hours ago)
to me

A new chapter has begun

The time has come to end one of the greatest relationships of all time. That’s right, the rumours on TMZ are indeed true: Windscribe is breaking up with all its affiliates! It was a whirlwind relationship, filled with drama, misunderstandings, and unmet expectations. The reasons for this are numerous, and those of you that want the dirty details (and trust us, they are diiiirty) can read our blog post. Just to clarify this has absolutely no impact on you, the Windscribe user.  The time has come for us to fly solo and venture off into the big wide world on our own, free of shackles that come with paying random websites to promote Windscribe. We don’t want to pay people to say that we are great; we just want to be great for the sake of it.  On an unrelated note, we've been secretly working on a brand new service. Until today, this project remained hush hush, G-13 classified, on a need to know basis - but now you simply need to know. Behold our latest creation: ControlD. ControlD is a DNS level solution to problems you cannot solve with Windscribe. We're running a closed beta of our new product, and we guarantee it’s unlike anything you have ever seen. The beta is totally free and will have huge discounts for paying Windscribe users once it launches in a couple of months.

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