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19 new released speedcommander 20 build 10000

mrtroutSpeedCommander 19.20 Build 10000 (New) Released
#1        SpeedCommander 19    Version 19.20.10000 – January 18, 2021
SCBackupRestore: Alternative initialization if essential environment information cannot be determined from SpeedCommander
SCBackupRestore: Log file creation on the desktop when holding the Ctrl key while starting SCBackupRestore
Icons in menus and toolbars were sometimes scaled incorrectly on high resolution displays
Command line parameter /autoactivate did not work anymore
Folder window: free space in the status bar was not updated after unpacking archives
Pro version: Logging in to Dropbox was no longer possible because Dropbox no longer supports Internet Explorer 11
Quick View: Partially broken display of certain PNG image files
Archives: Possible crash on exit if a file opened from an archive is still open in another program
Multi-renaming: Files were not renamed correctly if less than 250 ms elapsed between last input and the start of the rename operation
SpeedEdit: Error message when calling ‘File – Reload’ if the file is exclusively opened in another application
FileSearch: Result window grows with each start if a themed frame window is enabled
FileSearch: Input field for text search was not focused when Advanced page was activated
FileSearch: Additional conditions with time information were not evaluated correctly      All products are available as trial versions. You can freely download these trial versions and install them on your computer to test them for 60 days without any restrictions or any kind of commitment.

If you like the software and you wish to continue using it, you will need to purchase a license. After purchasing a license, you can use your license key to unlock the trial version. This license key is valid for all updates within the purchased main version – i.e. a license for version 16.0 is valid for all 16.* revisions.      SpeedCommander 19.20
Standard and Pro (32-bit)                  SpeedCommander 19.20
Standard and Pro (64-bit)       SpeedCommander          Versatile file manager with many features

Proven Two-Window View
Always view both source and target of an operation

Multiple Themes
Select designs based on Office and Visual Studio

Tabbed Folder Windows
Display multiple folders in one folder window

Grouped Display
Group files based on several criteria

Tablets and Smartphones
Display virtual folders without drive letters

Folder Views
Automatically switch to a different view mode

File Container
Quickly access your most frequently used files

Integrated Quick View
Built-in preview for over 80 file formats

Private Mode
No logging of folder history

Junctions and Links
Create junctions, hard links and symbolic links

Save and restore your current work environment

Multiple Rename
Conveniently rename several files at once

Folder Favorites and User Tools
Direct access to frequently-used folders and applications

Integrate into Windows
Plug into Explorer context menu and AutoPlay dialog

Connect to FTP Servers
Support for FTP, FTP with SSL and FTP over SSH

File Archives
Create and extract 13 archive formats

Automation through Macros
Macro editor and integration of scriptable components

Add Features through AddIns
AddIn interface for additional features

Text editor with syntax highlighting for many formats

Synchronize folders and files

Write Optical Media (Pro Version only)
Write CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays

Image Files (Pro Version only)
Display and extract ISO/BIN disk images

Cloud Storage Access (Pro Version only)
Direct access to Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive

System Restore Points (Pro Version only)
Access System Restore Points And Shadow Copies

Sort Folder Contents (Pro Version only)
Sort Folder Contents on Removable Drives        1993-2021 Sven Ritter.    This website is being maintained by

Sven Ritter

Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 11b
26316 Varel       Digital Signature ( Sven Ritter )  SpeedCommander 19.20 Build 10000 (New) Is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.    Smile Big Grin Thumb

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