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acquired avast tenta software

MikeTenta Acquired by Avast Software
Tenta Acquired by Avast Software, Avast Secure Browser for Mobile is Born!

2021 has brought new and exciting changes to Tenta Browser. Not just for the app itself, but for the company, too! In case you didn’t catch the big announcement, we've joined forces with Avast Software, the world’s leading developer and publisher of antivirus and internet security solutions. Through this acquisition, we’ve achieved another huge victory in our mission to make true private browsing ubiquitous. You might be wondering how. Read on for more info!
Secure Browsing Across All Your Devices

Since winter of 2019, the Tenta and Avast teams have worked together to create Avast Secure Browser Android (includes iPhone and iPads), the all-new private browser built from the ground up for unparalleled privacy and security with built-in VPN, ad-blocker, and encryption. At its core, Avast Secure Browser leverages the cutting-edge privacy tech used in Tenta Browser. And with Avast’s great resources, Avast Secure Browser has gone multi-platform in a fraction of the time. What’s more, many of the popular features you’ve grown to love about Tenta Browser now come with Avast Secure Browser.

Built-in VPN

Ad Blocker

Video Downloader 

Encrypted Media Vault 

Clear History with one tap

Popular Dark Mode

Password Protection (Android only)

With the brand-new Avast Secure Browser, users can now take advantage of encrypted Cross-platform Syncing, making it easy to sync your bookmarks and history across all your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

While you can continue enjoying Tenta Browser for Android, we encourage all our users to try out Avast Secure Browser for the best, most secure browsing experience possible. It’s free to download and available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone

Ready for the ultimate secure browsing experience?
Visit Here

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