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shutting our windscribe why here affiliate is program

MikeWindscribe shutting down our affiliate program. Here is why.
Quote:VPN usage has been rising steadily over the last decade, and there are no signs of it slowing down. The industry continues to grow rapidly, and as it grows, it is attracting some serious investment. In the vast majority of industries, growth attracts both innovation and competition. Generally speaking, this leads to an increase in the quality of product being sold, and reduction in pricing. Since we launched Windscribe in mid-2016 our main goals were, and always will be to:
  • Build a useful product that works well

  • Make that product available to people that need it the most for free

  • Sell premium features at a fair and reasonable price

  • Keep innovating and adding value to the market

But let’s not kid ourselves, we are still a business. That means in order to continue growing and paying employees, server hosting costs, etc., we need to generate revenue. Trust us, we’ve tried to pay the bills with rice crispy squares and high fives in the past, but unfortunately most businesses and people don’t accept dessert as payment.

These days, however, many tech companies prefer rapid growth over monetization. This effectively forces companies to raise millions or billions of dollars in order to keep operating at a loss. You heard correctly, they make negative money, sometimes for years or decades on end! Eventually the money runs out, and companies are forced to think about what they should have been thinking about from the very beginning: “How do we pay for everything?” You know what else desserts and high fives don’t pay for? Needlessly large 60,000 sq ft. open concept offices, Juiceros, and in-house prostate massages, oh, and most importantly investor ROI. So what do they do when they cannot pay their investors back? They begin to monetize your data and trade it like currency. Facebook is a classic example of this (special thanks for screwing up Oculus and Whatsapp!).

Read Here
Interesting article, Mike. Of course, providers like Windscribe cannot just feed on air, they need a means of subsistence, and to improve their project, users will only benefit from this. I bought a discounted subscription until 2028 and have never regretted it yet.
I Bought A Lifetime License So I Am Not Freeloading Off Of Windscribe For Free Not Me Smile Big Grin Thumb Clapping Clap
"Times (and things,) ... they are a'changing."
Of course things always are changing, but there are some periods of time in history when things change for much of the world more rapidly than what is the norm,
 such as WWII or the end of the "Cold War."
  ... We may be in such a time --- or it may just feel that way to me.  Oh no
(Thanks Mike for the post. Very informative.)
Same! I bought a lifetime Windscribe license from StackSocial or something years ago when they first launched.
Windscribe blog covers informative topics. They are moving in the right direction. Shutting down the affiliate program is a good decision.

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