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users’ leaked posts researchers parler videos messages security 70tb

baziroll70TB of Parler users’ messages, videos, and posts leaked by security researchers
[Image: shutterstock_1889045107-750x375.jpg]

Quote:Parler, a social network used to plan the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week, has been hit by a massive data scrape. Security researchers collected swaths of user data before the network went dark Monday morning after Amazon, Google, and Apple booted the platform.

The scrape includes user profile data, user information, and which users had administration rights for specific groups within the social network. Twitter user @donk_enby, who first announced about the scrape, claims that over a million video URLs, some deleted and private, were taken.

Quote:I am now crawling URLs of all videos uploaded to Parler. Sequentially from latest to oldest. VIDXXX.txt files coming up, 50k chunks, there will be 1.1M URLs total:
    This may include things from deleted/private posts.
    — crash override (@donk_enby) January 10, 2021
“These are original, unprocessed, raw files as uploaded to Parler with all associated metadata,” claims one of the authors.
Security researchers claim that the scrapped posts are linked to accounts that posted them, and some of the video and image data have geolocation information. That is said also to include data from Parler’s “Verified Citizens,” users of the network who verified their identity by uploading photographs of government-issued IDs, such as a driver’s license.

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