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2021 released abelssoft 45 build antibrowserspy 03

mrtroutAbelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2021 (4.03) Build 45 Released
#1        AntiBrowserSpy
Prevents spying

AntiBrowserSpy turns off hidden spy functionalities of your browsers.

Deletes Internet Traces

AntiBrowserSpy cleans traces of your surfing activities: Browser-Cache, History and Cookies.

Effective advertising blocker

With the corresponding browser extension you will never have to endure annoying advertising again!

Price: $49.06
Buy now for $49.06 Download trial version
  AntiBrowserSpy Download trial version          One-Click-Protection

Many espionage features of common web browsers cannot be disabled by PC users – even experts cannot turn off all of them. AntiBrowserSpy makes it very easy to control all browser settings. With one mouse click you can configure the settings of all your browsers and disable even hidden espionage features.
Stealth Mode

The stealth feature radomizes your UserAgent, so your browser fingerprint cannot be tracked backed to you.
Remove Internet Traces

AntiBrowserSpy allows you to remove Internet traces easily. This contains the removal of history entries and web cache. Download lists and typed URLs can also be cleaned. Additionaly AntiBrowserSpy contains a cookie manager allowing you to view and protect specific cookies.
Integrated ad blocker

With the new browser extension you permanently switch off advertising and tracking in your browser!     Digital Signature ( Ascora GmbH )  Abelssoft AntiBrowserSpy 2021 (4.03) Build 45  Is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.   Smile Thumb

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