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released lasso process 18 v9

mrtroutProcess Lasso v9.8.7.18 Released
#1    Process Lasso Revision History  Process Lasso  v9.8.7.18        Changelog

v9.8.7.18 – Nov 20 2020

    GUI: Improve performance of filters
    Install: Speed Governor service installation
    Assorted fixes and enhancements

(15) InstallHelper: Speed Governor service installation
(15) InstallHelper: Don't clear named config profile when InstallHelper run with GaaS (an old restriction)
(11) GUI: Expand a caption control width in SmartTrim dialog (for Russian)
(11) GUI: Adjust warning shown when Real-Time priority class is used
(9) GUI: Add registry setting to increase refresh interval for CPU core utilization graphs by a percent over GUI refresh rate (default: 25%)
(5) GUI: Fix customized GUI refresh rate isn't adopted after switching named config profiles
(5) GUI: Improve behavior when config profile switched from named to unnamed (default)
(5) ProductOptions: Add support for explicit use of WOW64 virtualized keys
(5) Installer: Store Install_Dir in HKLM hive along with HKCU, both 32-bit and 64-bit virtualized
(3) GUI: Fix to CPU core graphs after use of 'Refresh interval (GUI) / Paused'
(3) GUI: Disable menu item 'Refresh interval (governor) / Other'
(3) GUI: Improve GUI behavior when paused
(3) GUI: Adjust profile change event signalling check
(1) GUI: Improve behavior and performance of processes and log filters
(1) LogViewer: Improve behavior and performance of filter

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