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christmas giveaway plan

tregs_bealesUpdate Christmas giveaway plan
Alright, Christmas game giveaways will happen in 2 phases.

First phase, This is 24 days of Promo2day advent.
There will be an advent calendar type giveaway, from 1st December to 24th, every day there will be a chance to win a different game.
This will be done like 24 hours giveaway, anyone willing to take part for a specific days game will have to enter on that day. So members wanting to take part for all of 24 days will have to check back everyday.
Some days may have extra bonus games.

Second phase, This will be week long giveaways like the usual to cover the Christmas period & new year. About 5-6 games thread will be posted.

There may also be some games given through Promo2day blog gleam contest, which will be created & conducted by tarekma7.


As the whole process will be manual so do not get impatient. The above is the general plan for the December festive period.
In case any emergency happens ie lockdown, loss of internet etc in this covid affected time, I will conduct it later.

Like all plans these are also tentative, so hope for the best.
Thanks for the update tregs_beales
Advent giveaway posted here:

Remember, giveaways will be performed like advent calendar's, From December 1 to December 24, every day a separate game giveaway will be posted as time limited 24 hours giveaway. If members do not check each day, they can miss out on that specific day(s) game, just like advent calendar giveaways.

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