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released 939 powertools jv16

mrtroutjv16 PowerTools Released
#1        jv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version
release notes
Adam Poyser
November 12, 2020
November 12, 2020        Release Notes
An updated version of jv16 PowerTools has been released. The latest version number is

Change Log Since Build 845
Feature Improvements:
Major accuracy improvements to the Initial Setup, System Cleaner, Software Uninstaller and Software Updater scans.
The Use Custom Main Menu option will now be disabled by default on systems with multiple monitors. This feature doesn’t work properly on systems with multiple monitors, this is a quick workaround until we have a proper fix.
The program will now detect if major changes have been made to the system since the Initial Setup was originally run and it will be run again to ensure the most accurate analysis of the system.
Pressing Ctrl + A while a tool’s result filter is active now selects the filter text, instead of selecting all of the result list items.
The Languages menu and the Tools menu are now hidden from the main menu while the tool is scanning. Previously, one could change the language of the program during scanning, which made the scanning stop as the program needs to restart for the language change.
Bug Fixes
Uninstallation of builtin Windows apps can fail with Software Uninstaller.
Software Uninstaller may fail to list builtin Windows apps on non English Windows.
Maximizing the program window will cause any active result list to lose focus.
Uninstalling some software with Software Uninstaller, such as Filezilla, can cause the system to reboot because jv16 PowerTools failed to choose the do not restart computer option automatically from the uninstaller.
The Initial Setup can fail with an Access Violation error message or simply close. If ran again, it normally works at that time. This is a rare issue, happening with less than 1% of users.
Known Issues:
Support for 4K displays is not yet perfect, however, it is already quite usable.
System Cleaner’s browser cleaning module does not support the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge.
System Cleaner and Software Uninstaller Right-Click menus do not yet have the Add To Ignore List feature.
Duplicate Finder will list at most 2000 duplicate files.
How to update:
If you are using any recent jv16 PowerTools (5.0.0.x) – simply download and install the new version over the old version. No uninstallation is required or recommended.

If you are using an older version, please uninstall it before installing the new version, or install the new version to another directory.

Download Trial:

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