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pcloud secure free storage

SashaPCloud: free and secure storage
[Image: d2a98748df6b.png]

PCloud: free and secure storage

pCloud is your personal cloud storage where you can store all your files and folders. It has a user-friendly interface that clearly shows where and what is and what it does. The program is available for almost all devices and platforms - iOS and Android devices, MacOSX, Windows OS and all Linux distributions.

You won't surprise anyone with cloud storage - but pCloud did it. Starting only 7 years ago, the pCloud cloud was able to offer such chips that no one had then, and most cloud storages do not have to this day.

PCloud - and what's special about it

Before pCloud, cloud storage was paid as an annual or monthly service, similar to how we pay for the Internet, utilities or mobile communications.
You pay for access to the cloud for the next month, and the online storage service allows you to use the appropriate amount of space on your servers, be it 100 GB or 2 TB.

The pCloud cloud storage, immediately upon entering the market, offered an alternative option: you pay a slightly larger amount than if you paid for access for a year, but at the same time you get online storage for life, without any annual fees.

Cloud file storage forever

Miracle? Cheating? No, smart marketing and strategic budgeting.
While the first few years were somewhat skeptical about the pCloud offer, after gaining popularity, pCloud crossed the line of primary distrust and prices for "lifetime cloud storage" began to rise.

To date, about a million users have permanently acquired a place in the cloud storage, and the total number of accounts in the service is already over 11 million.
According to information for 2020, pCloud is not going to change the monetization model - which means that, firstly, everyone who is not yet in the subject has a good chance to pay for the cloud once and get cloud storage forever.

Security and encryption in pCloud
What do you mean by "secure cloud storage"? I personally mean several factors:

Privacy. No one but you can access your files in the cloud. You always know that the photos you keep can only be viewed by you. That in text documents in the cloud you can save bank card data, working documents - and their contents will not "float" to the network.
Security. All standards of digital protection and encryption are met, both during data transfer and during their cloud storage.

Warranties: The technical and nominal security commitments that the cloud service takes on.

Secure cloud storage

First, about safety. To make their cloud storage the most secure, pCloud provides a $ 100,000 grant annually for anyone who can hack into their system.
Boldly, isn't it? And effective. Thus, today pCloud has one of the best file security systems in the world, and its state is kept up to date.

Cloud storage protection and encryption

The license agreement with the pCloud cloud is quite standard for foreign commercial cloud storage and guarantees that no one can view your files, their size, characteristics, and indeed availability. In this sense, pCloud differs from other foreign competitors only by a pleasant price, as well as the ability to buy cloud storage forever.

Protection of file transfer in pCloud is carried out using the AES-256 encryption protocol, which will take at least a year to break, provided the key is irreplaceable on the super-computer. And the key changes regularly, which excludes the possibility of hacking the cloud through the encryption protocol as such.

I don't know, maybe pCloud turned out to be the perfect product for me, and we "approached each other", maybe pCloud is really a cloud with a new approach, a new generation cloud storage, if you like. But I do not see any significant drawbacks, seriously, and I will be glad if you indicate them in the comments below. Well, or share your experience and opinion about the pCloud cloud.

Of course, I haven't said much yet: I haven't said about the possibility of streaming video viewing directly online, without downloading, exactly as it is implemented in Google. (only several times cheaper), did not say about the possibility of "cloud rewind" and file version history.

But it seems to me that all these functions should be in any modern cloud storage anyway. And pCloud has them.
The main thing that I wanted to convey to the reader is that pCloud is not a primitive periphery, pCloud is a kind of avant-garde.

Register here

It is important that after registration you will receive an email to confirm your account, be sure to confirm your email.

After registering, you will receive 10 GB of the cloud for free, completing additional tasks, in total, you will get 20 GB for free.

[Image: fcdb986ebb71.jpg]

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