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enhanced web surf securely browsing chrome activating safe more android

Otaku LeeSurf the web more securely on Chrome for Android by activating Enhanced Safe Browsing

Google is already pouring tons of resources into helping us stay safe while we surf the web with measures like Safe Browsing for Chrome, and the company only recently introduced an enhanced version of this tool. It's widely available on desktops already, but it's only slowly rolling out on Android. If you want to get your hands on Enhanced Safe Browsing right away, there are two flags that will bring it to you.

To get access to the new security feature, head to [i]chrome://flags[/i] and look for "safe browsing." You need to activate these two flags:
  • [i]chrome://flags/#safe-browsing-security-section-ui-android[/i]

  • [i]chrome://flags/#safe-browsing-enhanced-protection-android[/i]


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