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iphone apple earpods forced free 12 offer france

mrtroutApple Forced to Offer Free EarPods with the iPhone 12 in France
Apple Forced to Offer Free EarPods with the iPhone 12 in France
Radiation laws mean iPhone 12 will come with EarPods
Oct 15, 2020 21:15 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa  ·   

Apple announced during the iPhone 12 the thing that everybody expected to see happening on the new-generation model: the box of the smartphone would no longer include a charger and EarPods, with Apple citing environmental protection as the reason.

While this is something totally debatable given that these accessories are still available separately and people close to the matter claimed this is actually a method to keep the price of the iPhone at a lower level, Apple won’t have any option than to offer free EarPods with the new model in France.

And it’s all because of radiation laws that force require technology companies to equip their devices with hands-free kits of headsets whose role would be specifically to protect children from electromagnetic radiation.

“Any object containing radio equipment cannot be distributed for payment or free of charge without a wired, solid and reliable headset. User manuals and packaging for mobile phone devices must contain clear and visible information prompting the use of a wired headset,” the French laws require according to a report from MacRumors.
Apple must include free EarPods or else

In other words, no matter Apple’s international strategy, if it still wants to sell the iPhone 12 in France, the company has no other option than to include free EarPods in the box of the new model.

If the Cupertino-based tech giant doesn’t comply with the regulations, it could get a fine of up to 75,000 euros ($87,000). And yet, there’s a good chance that the iPhone 12 box will indeed include free EarPods in the box when sold in France.

In the meantime, however, the iPhone 12 will come without EarPods elsewhere, unless special regulations require the company to include such accessories in the box of its smartphone.

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