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released avira safety browser 20851 firefox

mrtroutAvira Browser Safety Firefox Released
Avira Browser Safety
by Avira
Avira Browser Safety helps identify internet addresses that are harmful to your system when you are browsing the web and protects your privacy by preventing invisible trackers.  Version
2.22 MB
Last updated
18 hours ago (Oct 15, 2020)    What features are included
Safe surfing
Browse securely: We block over 100 million malicious sites per month
Shield your identity: We detect over 30 million phishing & spam attacks per month
Download safely: We prevent over 1 million potentially unwanted applications (PUA) from hiding in your download
Private browsing
Anti-tracking: We stop thousands of ad networks from monitoring you online
Optimal experience: We enable you to access all your favorite web services without interference
Smarter searches
Know before you go: We highlight infected sites directly in your search results
Anti-hijacking: We ensure you’re never redirected to malicious search engines
Safe deals as option-feature during surfing
We compare offers and product prices – from secure websites only – to help you make informed decisions while you shop online.
Please be aware that in very few cases wherein to enable a seamless browsing experience, some of the trackers will be allowed to run without being blocked for this feature.
What data is processed by us?
URLs (Internet address data) in an anonymized form for debugging, statistical purposes, and to improve detection rates.
Extension activity data to measure how the user interacts with the extension
Device information (Browser type, version, language) to strengthen product telemetry
RNDSNR (Random Serial Number) and session ID to distinguish unique users and malicious hits
Geolocation (country level) information to identify malware campaigns

By clicking "Install", you are accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA) here:
You can find our Privacy Policy here:

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