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any copy sites

SashaCopy any sites
[Image: d12a8877a0ee.png]

Copy any sites

You've probably always thought that only a professional in the field of programming can copy someone's site. I hasten to please you - it is not so. Yes, of course, copying a site with a huge number of different functions will be much more difficult. Well, everything is much simpler than you thought.

CopySite is a resource that copies the site specified by the link as much as possible. All images will be downloaded, and scripts and styles will match the original.

The operation occurs in approximately the same way as when on a certain page you use the key combination Ctrl + S and save the site view to your computer, but in this case the site structure will not be lost. You download the zip archive, the site in this archive will open in the same form as it looks in the original. I also want to note that extraneous scripts and styles on the site will not be downloaded, they will remain in place.

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