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cameras home reportedly hacked footage online 50 posted 000

Imran50,000 home cameras reportedly hacked, footage posted online
A hacker collective claims to have breached over 50,000 home security cameras before going on to steal people’s private footage and post some of it online. While a considerable portion of the videos seems to have come from Singapore, a number of people living in Thailand, South Korea, and Canada also seem to have their privacy invaded.

Some of the videos – which range from one to twenty minutes in length and show people of varying ages in compromising positions or various stages of undress – have been uploaded to porn websites.
The New Paper, which broke the story, quoted the unnamed hacker group as saying that it has shared the clips with over 70 members who paid US$150 for lifetime access to the loot. The gang, whose group on the instant messaging app Discord has nearly 1,000 members, reportedly specializes in hacking security cameras.

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