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2021 released radio audials 76

mrtroutAudials Radio 2021.0.76.0 Released
audials radio 2021       

With Audials Radio 2021, you can now record stations easier and in higher quality from an even larger range of radio stations. The new design and powerful Media Manager will even enhance the experience.


The radio station and podcast tiles have been improved and it is now much easier to see what's currently playing. You will still be able to see all the important details. This also applies to the Audials Radio app.



Audials 2021 features what is probably the largest integrated index of hundreds of thousands of radio stations, podcasts and television shows. We've also redesigned the layout to provide a clearer overview of all this media. The Audials Radio app also features the newly designed user interface.

You have a massive music collection with all sorts of genres? We've now replaced the core of the media management with a brand new high performance solution so that even the scanning process is incredibly fast. Every change you make, no matter how many songs it affects, is now instantly visible. This music manager will never keep you waiting, be it 1000, 10,000 or even 500,000 songs!



The new music manager will display all your music from any number of storage locations in one place, and always in a clear and orderly fashion - this includes all your files on your PC, your phone, cloud storage, or even your streaming services.


With unprecedented flexibility, you can choose how you would like your tracks to be organized. You can specify virtually any rules for folders and file names, and Audials will quickly rearrange your music collection, of course making sure that any new files are also added accordingly.

With Audials 2021, your tracks are all displayed in one place for you to enjoy and sort into playlists, regardless of where they are saved. A new feature divides them up according to their storage locations: this enables you to browse through your various music collections and copy songs from one collection to the other. You can view any number of collections at once and choose to show/hide them at any time.

Despite the many navigation and customization options, the new toolbar is designed so that you never get lost in the depths of the Audials. Now it is always consistent in the top left of the screen in which area you are currently. At the top right, you can enter what you want to see at any time - which is displayed immediately in the instant search.

Discover the new colorful design that matches the website and is easier to use. Now you can find important functions faster and more reliably. Immerse yourself in a unique world that you discover bit by bit.
Try all the new FEATURES IN Audials Radio 2021 today!        Audials Radio 2021.0.76.0   Was Scanned Clean With Avira Antivirus Free & 100% Clean Of viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware, backdoors, rootkits, adware and other malware infections,      Digital Signature ( Audials AG )

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