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released camtasia 2020

mrtroutCamtasia 2020.0.8 Released
Camtasia (Windows) Version History

Last Updated:
    Today at 09:00

  Camtasia 2020
3 September, 2020: Camtasia (Windows) 2020.0.8

    Added capability in Editor to Add Exported Frame by right-clicking on the playhead.
    Added clearer language informing users when licensing limits are reached.
    Added clearer language informing users when Legacy Callouts are upgraded.
    Renamed Share button and menu to Export in the Editor.
    Added option to Export Smart Player files for hosting or use hosted Smart Player files.
    Fixed an XML eXternal Entity (XXE) issue that could allow a remote attacker to destroy privileged files or -- in some environments -- elevate privileges through a maliciously crafted configuration file.
    Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a Project from a Template twice in a row.
    Fixed a crash that could intermittently occur when searching for the Documents folder.
    Fixed a bug that prevented transitions from being deleted from media on the timeline.
    Fixed a bug that stopped the timeline selection from collapsing after a cut.
    Fixed a bug that prevented waveforms from updating correctly in some cases.
    Fixed capitalization of French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages in the installer.
Download Camtasia ( Windows)

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