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enhance ways home your fi network wi top security

SashaTop 7 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Home Wi-Fi Network
Top 7 Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Home Wi-Fi Network

A wireless or Wi-Fi network is one of the most convenient ways to access the internet. Opting for a wireless network for your home gives the flexibility to connect multiple devices to the internet from different areas of your house. However, it’s advisable to secure the router used by your home network as Wi-Fi networks have extended signals that can go out of your home, which makes it vulnerable to cyber-crime.
Let’s see how we can enhance the security of our home Wi-Fi network and reduce the chances of being compromised and become a victim of any cyberthreat.

Change the SSID of Wi-Fi Network
Use WPA2 or Higher Encryption Technology
Change the Default Admin Password
Make Use of Wi-Fi VPN
Keep SSID Broadcast Hidden
Keep Your Router Software Updated
Keep DHCP Functionality of the Router Off

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