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vpn reaches just users million months tachyon six

SashaTachyon VPN Reaches 1 Million Users in Just Six Months
The app is among the top 5 most popular DApps in the world and it is available for both Android, iOS, and macOS users.

Tachyon Protocol, a blockchain-based network set up by proof-of-stake creator Sunny King, reported its decentralized virtual private network, or VPN, reached 1 million users worldwide last week after only six months.

The VPN has seen tremendous growth since May when Cointelegraph reported it reached 100,000 users.
According to the website, Tachyon VPN allows users to bypass internet activity restrictions. It provides many features such as a P2P network without central nodes, multi-path routing to prevent single-point attacks, protocol simulation to disguise traffic in transit and free access to Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and other platforms.

Also see my post on Tachyon VPN here

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