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released goodsync 11

mrtroutGoodSync Released
#1          Version News for Windows

Version 11.2.8 and 10.12.8 July 31, 2020
* Browse/Explorer: Ver 11: Hide old Windows Shares (SMB) file system, show only the new one.
* Browse/Explorer: Edit Account dialog: several UI fixes.
* Browse/Explorer: If job side is a general SMBD account, force creation of per-server account on job commit.
* SMB FS: Ver 10: Ignore Connect errors, to preserve old behaviour.
* SMB FS: Do not try to connect to //WSL$ server -- this is Linux subsystem that is local.
* XP + SMBD: Made GoodSync work on Windows XP again, replace calls to poll() with select().
* ReadStatsFile of synclib: Skip .sib-mnt folders when reading state file, fallout from old Mac errors.
* License: fixed time of install is not always preserved.
* Account Sync and Normalization: fixed several issues.
* Server authentication: sent correct x-sib-err-code for bad password and account not found.
* Desktop Shortcuts: Do not write them, if they are already in place and are the same as needed.
* CC Runner: Fixed jobs can get stuck upon termination.
* CC Runner: Retry GsEntepriseRunnerOnStart() as it can fail due to absence of connection.
* CC Runner Installer: fixed writing some local sittings did not work.
* SMTP settings: Revive Always SSL option, as users need it (have no STARTTLS).     
GoodSync for Windows v 11.2.8    Download:          GoodSync  Was  100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Bitdefender Total Security 2021  &  Hitman Pro 3.8.18  &  Contains 

  No Malware, No Adware, No Backdoors, No PUPs,  No Viruses, No Worms,  No Trojans,  No Ransomware,  No Rootkits,  No Spyware.   Digital Signature ( Siber Systems )

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