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tunnel green

SashaGreen Tunnel
[Image: d010d8567d5d.gif]

Green Tunnel

Filter bypass tool for Mac and Windows

GreenTunnel bypasses DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) systems found in many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) which block access to certain websites.

Please note: that green tunnel does not change the IP address, it is designed so that you can open blocked sites. For example: ; Iranian residents will be able to open YouTube without any problems, without changing the IP.


Release v1.7.4

For russia does not work on torrents

[Image: 4.1595693979.png] [Image: 5.1595693998.png]
I have a program, Tor Proxifier Portable, you launch it, and then a regular browser, and you work calmly. If you want, I will share.

[Image: 5e2a255ea328.png]

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