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668 released version update powertools jv16

Mikejv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version
Release Notes
An updated version of jv16 PowerTools has been released. The latest version number is
Change Log Since Build 608
Bug Fixes
  1. The program could sometimes get stuck to a 90% or 99% scan progress for extended period of time.

  2. Maximizing the program window can cause it to get too big, covering the Windows task bar.

  3. System Cleaner’s settings look slightly confusing if there are no browsers installed in your computer yet the Settings window still has the browser data cleaning related texts visible.

  4. If a message box opens while a Right Click menu is active the program can freeze in a way you cannot close the message box nor click anywhere in the Right Click menu.

  5. Software Uninstaller can in some systems list some installed software twice, especially the Microsoft Edge browser.

  6. Moving the mouse cursor around the main window can cause the tool caption texts to randomly move by one pixel left or right.

  7. System Cleaner, Software Uninstaller and the Find All results can forget the set column widths and always start with the first column resized very small.

  8. Saving a results list from File > Save List as produces a file without any file extension if you only write a filename without file extension.

  9. Uninstalling certain software, such as CDBurnerXP, can cause the Software Uninstaller to get stuck and never complete. This only occurs with some systems, and with some software being uninstalled.

  10. Pressing Ctrl + A to select all the items of System Cleaner, Software Uninstaller or Find All results may trigger the result list filter update to run again. This is a cosmetic issue but nevertheless, annoying and now fixed.
Feature Improvements:
  1. New Feature: Software Uninstaller now shows the size of each installed software, their installation date and as an unique feature, the impact each installed software has on your system’s performance.

  2. New Feature: Real-time searching of the result lists in System Cleaner, Software Uninstaller and Find All. This makes working with large lists very easy.

  3. New Feature: Popup window to show detailed information about the found items of System Cleaner, Software Uninstaller and Find All result list.

  4. Massive improvements to the speed of the Initial Setup. Before, it took on average 97 seconds. Now, it takes on average only 48 seconds.

  5. Massive improvements to the speed of the Software Uninstaller. With previous build, the average scan time was 60 seconds, now it’s 35 seconds.

  6. Major improvements to the overall smoothness of the user interface. In our testing systems, we monitor cases when the program’s user interface takes a long time to respond to our input. The average slow respond time of the last version was 2700 msec and now it’s down to 1500 msec.

  7. The program will now automatically detect and add to the Global Ignore List the installation folders of detected anti-virus software. This helps to ensure jv16 PowerTools does not touch any data of any installed anti-virus software.

  8. All the buttons within the program now look the same in all versions of Windows.

  9. The size of each button is now better adjusted based on the length of button text.

  10. Tools > Maintenance > Flush jv16 PowerTools Cache feature now also clears all the jv16 PowerTools debug logs.

  11. The program will now attempt to detect a case of it updated by user installing a new version over the old version and if that is detected, an Initial Setup is triggered to run.

  12. The software now uses less memory (RAM) to work.

  13. Added an option to hide the result filtering feature to Settings.

  14. Pressing the Esc key from keyboard will now close any open filter panel, and any open result list popup info panel.

  15. The System Cleaner’s scan report is now disabled (no longer shown), until we complete its redesign.

  16. Software Uninstaller’s Show All Data window that shows all of the found data relating to an installed software no longer automatically closes.

  17. Software Uninstaller’s Show All Data now also tells you the exact number of files and folders, and registry keys and entries found relating to the selected software.

  18. Improved the smoothness of Software Uninstaller’s progress reporting.

  19. The program is now much better at preventing multiple instances of itself from being launched. Before, you could accidentally run more than one instance of the programs and it could take many seconds before the duplicate instance was closed.

  20. Reduced the time it takes for the initial screen of the program to show up. Before, it could be up to five seconds.

  21. Added a command line parameter option to start jv16 PowerTools Find All feature. You can now use a command line parameter jv16pt.exe -FindAll “Search word”.

  22. Added an additional confirmation to the Settings window if user chooses to disable any safety features. You can disable the safety checks, but it will ask to confirm if you are sure you know what you are doing.

How to update:
If you are using any recent jv16 PowerTools (5.0.0.x) – simply download and install the new version over the old version. No uninstallation is required or recommended.
If you are using an older version, please uninstall it before installing the new version, or install the new version to another directory.
jv16 PowerTools
New jv16 Powertools build - New update with massive improvements - jv16 Power Tools

Download -
jv16 PowerTools


Change log:

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