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us epitomizes longest last debates polygon gaming’s one

bazirollThe Last of Us 2 epitomizes one of gaming’s longest debates - Polygon
[Image: The_Last_of_Us__Part_II_20200619165242.0.jpg]

Quote:The term references the disconnect between what players do in a video game
(ludo is Latin for play) and the story that the game tells (narrative).
People were discussing this idea under different terms long before the phrase exploded in 2007
in part due to an oft-cited blog post by game designer Clint Hocking that made use of the term
After that, big-budget video games collectively calcified around its central dilemma
This was the year BioShock and Uncharted debuted. Critics cited games like
these as evidence that the medium was “growing up,” while also acknowledging that
ludonarrative dissonance was the messy side-effect of this flat-footed quest for maturity.

The phrase became a buzzword, appearing in game developer panels and debated in video game
writer listservs. Like so many academic terms, it spiraled onto social media, losing its context
becoming a quick insult for violent games that aspired to be high art but fell short. But the core dilemma
How do game makers marry story and play? Should they even try? — never went away.


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