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s win role transformative league premier klopp jurgen liverpool

tarekma7Liverpool win Premier League: Jurgen Klopp's transformative role
[Image: AgHoKV5.jpg]

Quote:When Jurgen Klopp walked into Anfield for his first day as Liverpool manager on 8 October 2015, there was one keynote message from his public address.

"We must turn from doubters to believers," said the charismatic German as he sat in front of the cameras and lights of the world's media.

Less than five years on, no-one doubts Klopp or his players. After a remarkable rise from 10th place on his arrival to European champions for the sixth time, they have now returned to their domestic perch as Premier League champions, too.

Liverpool and their manager were forced to wait an extra three months for their coronation as the season was halted by the global coronavirus pandemic but the silverware is reward for his revitalisation of the club and its support.

Klopp's public persona is the big man with the tactile approach and the booming laugh. The animated presence in the technical area, celebrating with players and fans. So much more goes on behind the public image - so much more that gives the lie to those who nonsensically claimed Klopp's greatest coaching quality in his early days was as a cheerleader.

Behind the scenes, away from the public gaze, his meticulous approach, as well as his intellect for football's modern methods and matters outside the game, make him the towering figure in Liverpool's spectacular revival.

The notion that he simply strolls around Melwood smiling and hugging people may sustain those who wish to pour cold water on his brilliant successes, or downplay his tactical shrewdness. The reality could not be more different.

'Absolutely incredible' - Klopp reacts to Liverpool title win
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£1.47bn spent, 239 players, nine permanent managers - Liverpool's 30-year wait in numbers
Short presentational grey line
Klopp believes the training ground is where the difference is made. This is where the drills are run through, where tactical ideas are tried and tested. Bolt onto this some spectacular recruitment and you have the 2019-20 Premier League champions.

Every session is meticulously planned with his staff before training. Klopp will then address his players to outline their work in depth. He is not just Liverpool's manager, he is Liverpool's coach. Every aspect of every day is plotted and analysed in minute detail.

In preparing for games, he insatiably gathers information before condensing it into the essential and most urgent details. Inside Anfield this is regarded as a key skill that helps drive one of his best qualities - the ability to take big decisions quickly, without prevarication, and getting those decisions right.

Klopp - the Black Forest boy who 'became a hero'
Klopp himself is the exact model of planning and efficiency he expects of others. He insists on punctuality, on everything operating like clockwork. If a meeting is planned for 10am, 10am it is. His and Liverpool's success is the result of a fiercely driven individual. The hard work of the manager and all those behind him. As he says: "I live 100% for the boys, with the boys."

There are no gimmicks. No "Hollywood" moment was transformative in the story leading to Liverpool's coronation as Premier League champions. Klopp is the leader, strategist and inspiration. But of course there is also a team behind him.

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