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a spotify? tidal better

sidemoonTidal: A better Spotify?
Quote: Neil Young not only looks a little grumpy in his old years but is also known for being a straight shooter. 
Naturally, he also has an opinion on streaming offersmost of them are not his thing. 
He criticized the sound quality in several of his interviews. 
What he meant is that most services only support lossy audio formats, like AAC, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis, which, although they sound great, don't offer the full lossless audio experience. 

Enter Tidal, a lesser known rival that seeks to score with hi fi quality. Let's take a look!

I vote for Tidal. I love its high-fidelity music. Although I am not allowed to enjoy Tidal music offline on my portable player, it doesn't matter. I have a professional Tidal converter to download music from Tidal to local files for limitless use offline on any device without any loss of HiFi quality.

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