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alex steam simple free pc story game freetokeep

ahmedGiveaway [FreetoKeep] Simple Story -Alex PC Game for free @Steam

Hello, my friends! This is my first game. Why I make it on RPG Maker? Because I`m not a programmer, neither an artist, so in my humble opinion this game constructor is ideal for the first game. It's not necessary to make an epic RPG, then you can make a simple story about an ordinary people.

"Simple Story - Alex" - as you can guess by its name, it is a simple story about Alex the ordinary alcoholic. He lives a boring life, but dreaming to be a hero in a different world and dimension. One day, when he was leaving his house, Alex get teleported in a mystery temple. Is he sleeping? Or did his dreams come true? Or maybe something completely different occurred? You should find an answer.

Game features:
• Short game length. You can complete the game in under half an hour, because in my opinion there is no reason to make such a story longer. You have a spare hour? Then you can enjoy it with this game.

• Complicated story. During the game you wouldn't understand what's really going on, until the very end of the game.

• The story is partially based on real events. Alex appearance and larger half of the story, based on my life.

• Easter eggs. If you will look carefully, you should find few easter eggs, In this game.

• There is no battle in this game, neither leveling, nor other attributes of ordinary jRPG. It is a linear story, carefully written by author.

•Standard art. I decided to use only standart art, and try to focus on story, instead on graphic.

• Possibility to use all surrounding items. Actually It is not only a possibility, but a necessary steps, to fully understand game story.

Free to keep when you get it before 31 Mar @ 2:00am.

Steam link:

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