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children’s amp 24 32 store apps games play hides google again–tekya played clicker

sidemoonGoogle Play Store Played Again–Tekya Clicker Hides in 24 Children’s Games & 32 Apps
Quote: Although Google has taken steps to secure its Play store and stop malicious activity, hackers are still finding ways to infiltrate the app store and access users’ devices. 

Millions of mobile phone users have unintentionally downloaded malicious apps that have the ability to compromise their data, credentials, emails, text messages, and geographical location. 
For example, in February 2020, the Haken malware family was installed in over 50,000 Android devices by eight different malicious apps, all of which initially appeared to be safe.

Recently, Check Point’s researchers identified a new malware family that was operating in 56 applications and downloaded almost 1 million times worldwide. 


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