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users’ apple being browsing safari flaw activity open left tracked

HerranApple Safari flaw left users’ browsing activity open to being tracked
Quote:In a seemingly rare case of huge tech firms looking out for one another, Google has revealed that it recently informed Apple of a serious security flaw that it discovered with its Safari browser. The vulnerability could have given hackers access to a user’s online behavior, with persistent tracking of a user’s web searches also possible, Google said.
Google said that the uncovered flaw put users’ data at risk as it offered access to an on-device list created by the ITP technology that “implicitly stores information about the websites visited by the user.” Lukasz Olejnik, an independent security researcher, told the Financial Times (FT) that if the weakness had been exploited or used, it would’ve paved the way for “unsanctioned and uncontrollable user tracking.”
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