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music learn sheet master read

ahmadkhajeGiveaway Sheet Music Master - Learn to Read Sheet Music
Just Play with Any Instrument, and Get The Score with More Than 95% of Precission Rate While You Play!.

You Can See It Being Done In The Video!.

You Can Transcribe Rhythms, Notes, or Full Scores, See The Names of The Notes, See The Frequencies, Save and Play Previous Transcriptions, Tune Your Instrument, Adapt It to 432 Hz Easily, Adapt The Tempos, Use Bass Clef, and Play a Game!.
With Much More Features Coming!.

It is Also Useful to Learn To Read Sheet Music Really Fast!.

You Play, See How What You Play Is Written, And Learn At A Very Fast Rate!.

You Can Transcribe Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Sax, Violin, Flute, Bass or Any Instrument Musical Jams to Sheet Music as Fast as In Real Time, with Little or No Errors!.

[Image: m4WEtMk.png]

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