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vpn a create how

HerranHow to create a VPN
Quote:A virtual private network (VPN) helps you protect your browsing data from internet service providers (ISPs). It can also help you disguise your IP address from sites you visit, as well as unblock websites and circumvent content restrictions based on your location.

How to make a VPN

If you travel a lot and want to use the internet as if you were at home, you should set up a VPN between your mobile devices and a machine you have at home. You can use an old laptop or a Raspberry Pi as your server, and plug it into your router at home. You install the VPN server software on this machine and install the VPN client software on your phone and laptop. Whenever you are outside your home network, you can turn on your own VPN and browse the internet as if you were at home. You can stream video and access all services as you normally would. Your home ISP can see your activity, but the places you visit, including foreign governments and unsecured Wi-Fi access points or ISPs, cannot.

How to create a VPN server

Setting up your own VPN might take some technical knowledge and experience in configuring servers and networks. If you are setting up a VPN at home, you will also need to know how to set up the physical machine acting as the VPN server, as well as configure your home router.

How to create VPN in windows 10 and Mac: Wireguard

Wireguard is a newer protocol that while still in its early beta stage is already showing great promise. Don’t use it to attempt to overthrow a government, as there might still be some bugs and security holes, but it combines the ease of use of Shadowsocks with the features of OpenVPN for home use.


If you are trying to avoid lengthy setups or configurations, one easy solution is to simply set up or rent any server that you have SSH access to. You can then piggyback your traffic through this SSH tunnel with a client like sshuttle.
[Image: how-to-build-a-vpn.jpg]
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