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I am Perti. Some of you may already know me. But, let me introduce myself a bit.

I am a hobbyist blogger since over a decade. I exactly do not know if I can write my blog address or not. Well, a moderator can contact me via pm. My blog is I normally do not go to other forums and signup to spam because everyone, yes meeeeeeee tooooooooooo, hates spam. I am here on because of one and only reason which I have noticed that you guys also hates spam. I promise, I will not spam you ever. I will try to be productive.

I will be available every now and then. If anyone of you want to ask something, I might be able to help. You can call me jack of all trades but master of none (except Usability and UX / UI). 

Oh yea, I am a cat-person and I have 4 right now. You can also ask me privately if you face problems regarding cats.


P.S. Thanks mods for letting me share my blog address. Thanks everyone for giving me so much love on my first encounter here.  Heart Heart Heart
Welcome to the Promo2day forum Perti. You are more than welcome to share your blog link.
Of course we know you buddy. Welcome to the forum and have a good time here. We look forward to hearing from you good posts.

Cool Welcome 2 Welcome 2
Welcome to the Promo2day forum
welcome 2 p2day Heart Heart
Welcome to promo2day Smile Greeting
[Image: SZBNKop.gif]

Welcome, Perti,  ... Congratulations on discovering the best software review and giveaway contest forum online. 

I am just a member, like you, and not one of this great forum's staff, but this I can honestly testify to you from years of experience as a member of this forum:

"If you actively participate in the forum and follow its simple honest rules, you will discover that the forum moderators work hard to make this forum the best of its kind, your fellow forum members are very kind and will be quick to help you, and the software giveaway contests are honest (winners are chosen by 3rd party "") and feature top-rated time-proven software.  ...This forum will pleasantly surprise you if you truly get involved." Smile 

A suggestion, from me to you, is to visit this place if you want to get started off right:  Announcements & Forum Rules.

Note: Perti, your gift of a "Lifetime Free Ascomp Secure Eraser Professional" license at was a very classy way to enter this great forum.  ... WoW.

*Perti, I wish you much good luck in the software giveaway contests and in finding interesting information in the forum's threads... Thumb 

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