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tracking ad your reset limit id how advertising

HerranHow to reset your advertising ID and limit ad tracking
Quote:Did you know that your phone has a secret identifier every advertiser wants to get their hands on? It’s called an advertising ID, and it helps tech giants, advertisers, and third parties track your mobile app activity. However, it only takes a few moments to take your privacy back, so read on.
What is an advertising ID?
An advertising ID is a user-resettable identifier assigned to you by your mobile device or operating system. Android users will be provided with an ID by Google Play while iPhone owners will get theirs from iOS. These IDs are similar to cookies and are used for advertising purposes.
They can help developers track your movement and mobile app usage. This information can then be shared with (or sold to) advertisers and third parties who will flood you with targeted ads.

Why should you want to reset your advertising identifier?

Advertising IDs might not sound malicious. They’re only used to serve personalized ads – what’s wrong with that? However, there are a few reasons why you should opt-out of ad ID personalization.

  • It violates your privacy. These ‘innocent’ IDs track your location and browsing 24/7. Companies like Google make billions from such data, so think twice whether you want a tech giant gathering this much information about you.

  • It tracks your shopping habits. How often do you go to Starbucks? How much did you spend on dinner last Friday night? Your advertising ID knows.

  • It helps spread malvertising. Bad actors can use your ID to serve you targeted ads that disguise malware.

  • It helps spread disinformation. Similarly to malvertising, your ID can be used to profile you and show you targeted political ads (or ask you to donate).
However, you can disable or reset your ID in a few clicks and go back to being (almost) anonymous. Note: limiting ad tracking settings only work on apps, not for websites you visit via browser. And resetting your ID won’t get rid of ads; they just won’t be personalized because they won’t have your data.

How to limit ad tracking on iPhone or iPad

1. Go to Settings and scroll down to Privacy.

[Image: reset-advertising-id-blog.jpg]

Read full :
Thanks for the post learned a lot from this read.
Great article.


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