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indiegala blood sand pc tales game

ahmed[Indiegala] Tales of Blood and Sand-PC Game

Tales of Blood and Sand
It is the year 142 AD. Rome is at the height of its power. Spread across the entire Mediterranean world and boasting an invincible army, few were willing to oppose their might. During their conquests, many lives and settlements perished into oblivion. Now, some of the survivors, are forced to partake in the bloodiest sport of them all - Gladiator fights.
Facing each other in combat, their lives hanging by a thread, all in order to entertain the very people that put them to this misery, became their reality. But, with each drop of blood spilled, their thirst for vengeance rises...

Join Heracles and his band of gladiators in their struggle to achieve glory and freedom. Enter the arena and fight for your life in turn based battles. Vanquish mighty beasts and fearless warriors in order to win over the crowd. Train and maybe one day you will manage to flee this hell of a life.

Only a true gladiator will survive to tell the tale.


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