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lasso process 64

Mohammad.PooryaUpdate Process Lasso
Process Lasso is a process optimization and automation utility with a unique new technology. That will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability during periods of high CPU load. Priority optimization, affinity optimization, automated rules, you name it and Process Lasso has it.
Process Lasso’s unique technology called ProBalance (Process Balance) will improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability through process priority optimization. Windows allows programs to monopolize your CPU without sufficient restraint. It leads to hangs and micro-lags.
ProBalance intelligently adjusts the priorities of running programs on-demand. So that badly behaved processes won’t negatively impact the responsiveness of your PC. It does this not by raising process priorities, but instead by temporarily lowering the priorities of background processes that may be interfering with foreground responsiveness.
This utility also offers an assortment of ways to take full control of how your CPUs are allocated to running programs.
In essence, Process Lasso is an all-in-one automated Windows process tuner. You can choose at what priority processes should run, and which CPUs should be assigned to them. In addition, you can disallow certain programs from running, log all programs run, automatically restart programs, limit the number of instances of a program, and much more. You can even indicate processes that should induce entrance into the High Performance power scheme or prevent the PC from sleeping. A gaming mode also allows for easy process priority optimization for avid gamers.
Process Lasso is the ultimate companion to servers of all types. For Terminal Servers it can help ensure no user monopolizes the CPU. For all types of servers its ProBalance algorithm can improve responsiveness. Furthermore, the automated process control can allow you to tweak running processes in ways never before possible.

[Image: SSU00Kv.png]
Process Lasso Features:
  • ProBalance – Keep your PC responsive during high CPU loads!
  • Gaming Mode 2.0 with Bitsum Highest Performance power plan
  • IdleSaver – Run at maximum performance while active; conserve energy when idle
  • SmartTrim – The first-ever intelligent RAM optimizer
  • Real-time CPU affinity and process priority optimization!
  • Automate and control process settings and power plans
  • Light-weight native code with negligible resource use
  • Efficient stand-alone core engine that can run as a service
  • Unique system responsiveness metric to quantify your experience!
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10

Server Edition Features:
  • ProBalance – Keep your Windows Server responsive during high CPU loads!
  • Real-time CPU affinity and process priority optimization!
  • Optimize and automate process settings, power profiles, and more
  • Partition CPU cores to limit per-process CPU use
  • Disallow select processes
  • Auto-restart mission critical processes
  • Limit number of instances of an app
  • Log and audit process activity
  • Unattended install and headless configuration
  • Monitor real-time server responsiveness with our proprietary metric
  • Light-weight native code with negligible resource use
  • Efficient stand-alone core engine that can run as a service
  • Compatible with all Windows Server variants, from 2008 to 2016

    Changelog v9.3.0.64 – Sept 18 2019

    • GUI: Add CPU bitmask edit control to CPU Affinity selection dialog
    • GUI/Core: Add selection for power plan to use with Performance Mode, in case user desires something other than BHP (e.g. AMD Ryzen High Performance)
    • GUI: Add license name graph overlay in lower-left region
    • GUI: Fix crash seen after selecting process context menu items after target process had terminated
    • GUI: Add warning about use of multiple configuration profiles while governor as service
    • GUI: Speed process icon population
    • GUI: Update PTBR
    • Settings: Change default ‘hide suspended processes’ to OFF
    • All: Other additions, fixes and enhancements
Homepage –

Size: 2.04 MB
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 32-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 64-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 32-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 64-bit
Process Lasso


v9.4.0.28 – Nov 1 2019
Process Lasso


v9.4.0.46 – Nov 7 2019
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
  • Update Chinese and Slovenian
Process Lasso

Changes in
  • GUI: Active Processes: Add sensitivity adjustment slider shown above list
  • GUI: Fix to ‘File / Choose alternate log folder’
  • GUI: Dark Mode support for Windows 10 19025
  • GUI: Several other small and cosmetic enhancements
  • Log: Standardize CSV output, adding headers, quotes and removing BOM
  • Log: LogViewer: Add full history CSV export in addition to current view export
  • Log: Fix main GUI ‘File / Export log to CSV’ would not export full history
  • Core: Improved process suspend function, now compatible with Resource Monitor
  • Core: Improved legacy hard throttle function


Process Lasso


+ Added Regular Expression and multi-field matching to select rule types. See
+ Optimizations to GUI
+ Improvements to Active Processes tab
+ Fixes and enhancements

(39) GUI: Minor adjustments found during code review
(37) GUI: Language updates (Russian, German, Slovenian, Chinese-Trad, Chinese-Simpl, PTBR)
(37) GUI: [beta2beta] Restore 'W' rule disabled in prior beta builds
(35) GUI: Additional optimizations
(35) GUI: Restore average CPU utilization to active processes tab
(33) GUI: Remove now unnecessary configuration file reload signals sent by configuration dialogs
(33) GUI: Watchdog dialog: Replace CPU % drop-down with edit box now that use in hundredths is supported
(33) GUI: Watchdog dialog: Round CPU % given in decimal to nearest integer pending Watchdog support for such
(29) GUI: Bring existing instance of Insights to foreground if already running
(29) Core: Fix issue with traditional rules when user is appended after single character process match (e.g. *:jerem)
(29) InstallHelper: Cosmetic to dialogs
(27) Insights: Added menu item for Advanced ProBalance Options dialog
(27) Insights: Fix some settings could revert when changed from Advanced ProBalance Options dialog
(23) Insights: Fixes and enhancements
(25) GUI: Make Process Lasso info (e.g. config path) selectable in About Dialog for copy/paste
(23) GUI: Instance Balancer dialog: Show error when user tries to add static core count rule with 0 cores specified
(21) GUI: Assortment of small cosmetic and internal improvements
(21) GUI: Optimizations
(17) GUI: Fix a filter issue with mixed case in some fields
(15) GUI: Rewrote process icon management
(11) GUI: Some refactoring of Active Processes tab code
(89) Core: Add RegEx (and multi-field) support to CPU Limiter, Watchdog, and Instance Balancer
(89) GUI: Add 'help' buttons beside process match strings for Instance Balancer, CPULimiter, and Watchdog
(87) Core: Fix Instance Balancer issue when total logical cores is not evenly divisible by per-instance core count
(87) GUI: Add Windows 10/2019 build number to status bar
(87) GUI: Support Dark Mode up to Win10 build 19035
(85) GUI: Add 'View / Colors / Always allow Dark Mode' for user over-ride on untested new Win10 builds
(85) GUI: Change priority adjusted log action text to remove colon
(83) GUI: Fix a reported GUI crash
(77) GUI: Add dynamic (updating) RAM stats to SmartTrim dialog
(77) GUI: Remove cache size from status bar RAM part
(73) Core.InstanceBalancer: Allow 'childof:' prefix to be any character case
(73) GUI: Fix Show/hide graph button one pixel too wide in Active Processes view
(71) GUI: Show icons in Active Processes tab

Size: 2.09 MB

DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 32-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 64-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 32-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 64-bit
Process Lasso - 01/01/20

v9.5.1.0 – Jan 1 2020 – minor
  • Allow hundredths precision in Watchdog (advanced rules)
  • Fixes and improvements to Watchdog
  • Expanded new Regular Expressions to ProBalance Exclusions
  • Other product enhancements
    (51) GUI.Watchdog: Improve config dialog up/down button behavior
    (51) Core: Populate command line field to watchdog log type action events
    (51) CPUEater: Fix status bar overlap with 'just took action' static control
    (51) Change copyright years to 2020
    (51) Language updates
    (49) GUI: Remove checkbox on 'Uninstall BHP' menu item
    (47) Core.Watchdog: Improve handling of redundant log entries
    (47) Core.Watchdog: Log actions even if no setting change was necessary (process already at target)
    (47) Core.Watchdog: Other fixes and enhancements
    (47) Core.Watchdog: Minor optimizations
    (47) GUI: Update Slovenian
    (47) GUI: Restore primary listview filter update on items add/removed
    (45) Core: Support RegEx in ProBalance exclusions
    (45) GUI: Add process match help to ProBalance exclusion dialog
    (43) GUI.ActionsLog: Fix to context menu items and auto-select of any matching running process
    (43) GUI: Change to 'process match' listview column headers in config dialogs
    (43) GUI: Add tooltip to Watchdog 'Divide CPU % by total core count' option
    (43) Uninstall: Delete desktop shortcut
    (41) Core/GUI.Watchdog: CPU and memory thresholds now allow precision in hundredths
    (41) GUI: Update Russian

    DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 32-bit
    DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 64-bit
    DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 32-bit
    DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 64-bit
Process Lasso

Changes in Process Lasso (January 31, 2020):
  • Add per-session agent to facilitate some features with governor-as-service
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to limited user environments, especially when combined with governor-as-service
  • IdleSaver now available with governor-as-service
  • Improvements to IdleSaver configuration, allowing broader range of settings
  • Add back Spanish, Italian, Polish, and French languages
  • Considerable other product refinement

Size: 2.16 MB
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 32-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 64-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 32-bit
DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 64-bit
Process Lasso

v9.7.0.16 – Mar 1 2020

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
GUI: CPU Limiter configuration dialog - On listview row double-click, populate all controls with removed item
Core: Fix issue where leaving rule-induced Performance Mode when it had been previously manually engaged could cause inappropriate reversion to prior power plan
Core: Add distinct log entry description when Performance Mode manually induced
Core: Add distinct log entry for continuing performance mode after process ends because Perf Mode had been manually induced
GUI: Fix manual Performance Mode not persisting when Process Lasso restarted
GUI: Fix Active Processes tab rules column not clearing when last rule removed

Size: 2.17 MB

DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 32-bit

DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Workstation Edition 64-bit

DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 32-bit

DOWNLOAD Process Lasso Server Edition 64-bit
Latest Versions

Process Lasso v[b] - 05/01/20[/b] (changes)


Buy Process Lasso Pro

[b]v9.7.6.26 – May 1 2020[/b]

  • New load balance algorithm for the Group Extender feature

  • Make effort to enforce CPU affinities on multi-group processes by moving existing threads

  • Tune default ProBalance timing

  • Fix menu-induced config profile switching

  • Assorted fixes and enhancements
(23) GUI: Lower default ProBalance time over threshold before action
(23) GUI: Add command line parameter /startwithprofile

(23) GUI: Add special log entry to indicate reason for continuous reapplication of persistent CPU affinities for multi-group processes

(21) GUI: Update French

(19) GUI: Add processor group (if specified) to persistent CPU affinities in rules column string

(19) GUI: Adjust message about multi-group processes and CPU affinities. A best-effort to move existing process threads is now made, but future threads won't be constrained to the target CPU affinity without re-application of the CPU affinity.

(19) Core: Disable Governor log errors when CPU affinity attempted to set on multi-group process

(17) Core: Fix issue where Steam services could cause Automatic Game Detection Perf Mode to trigger under some circumstances

(15) Core: Add registry option to disable governor minidumps

(15) Core/GUI: Fix per-process CPU utilization calculation on systems with multiple processor groups

(13) GUI: When 'Show only Process Lasso [systray] icon' used, don't change icon on ProBalance event

(11) GUI: Watchdog config dialog: Improve double-click on listview item behavior

(11) GUI: Adjustments to solicitation dialog

(9) Core: Fix problem with non-default option 'Match command lines' on persistent CPU affinities (this setting is deprecated, use new RegEx matching)

(9) GUI: Rules string: move instance count after CPU affinity for clarity when both exist

(7) Core: Enable Governor minidumps for release channel

(7) GUI: Add confirm/warning about beta channel update frequency when toggled on

(7) GUI: Disable 'Main / Elevate Now' menu item instead of delete it

(7) Core: Fix a potential governor stop after switching named config profile

(5) Core: New method to attempt forcible imposition of procssor group change on multi-group processes

(5) Core: GroupExtend: Change methodology to balance thread count across processor groups
[color=#444444][font=Roboto, sans-serif][color=#808080][size=medium][font=Menlo, Monaco, Consolas,](5) GUI: Fix GUI wouldn't reload config after named config profile switch by menu item


Process Lasso

Change log (July 08,2020)
-Add option to switch power profile when Process Lasso starts
-Keep Running and Watchdog launch actions now always launch unelevated (HKLM override available)
-Suppress Dark Mode compatibility warning on older Windows 10/2016 builds

Download (x86)

Download (x64)

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