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goodsync 11 beta 10

Mohammad.PooryaUpdate GoodSync
GoodSync Pro
Version 11.6.1 and 10.16.1 Apr 06, 2021
* S3 options: Added Server Side Encryption Key provided by Customer.
* S3 options: Bring back Access Control Policy text box.
* S3: GovCloud: Added Location Constraint to Bucket creation.
* S3: Added new setting -- Preferred Geo Region, to be used in Bucket creation.
* SFTP and speed: Fixed Current Speed was shown as way too high.
* SMB: Fixed crashes when user has many shares that do not connect due to error.
* B2 FS: Upload of large files: prevent rare crashes by doing more checks.
* TaskBar JumpList: Do not show Job on TaskBar JumpList, just global commands.
* Browse V10: Fixed Accounts tab was cycling if we have Server Accounts with + in its name.
* Job Tree View: rewrite using new framework.
* Browse Dialog and Explorer: miscellaneous UI fixes.

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