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a text formula click excel shortcut wrap how one

tarekma7How to Wrap Text in Excel (with shortcut, One Click, and a Formula)
Quote:When you enter a text string in Excel which exceeds the width of the cell, you can see the text overflowing to the adjacent cell(s).

Below is an example where I have some address in column A and these address overflow to the adjacent cells as well.

And in case you have some text in the adjacent cell, the otherwise overflowing text would disappear and you will only see the text that can fit the cell column width.

In both cases, it doesn’t look good and you may want to wrap the text so that the text remains within a cell and not spill over to others.

This can be done using the wrap text feature in Excel.

In this tutorial, I will show you various ways of wrapping text in Excel (including doing it automatically with a single click, using a formula and doing it manually)

So let’s get started!

Continue reading the tutorial HERE

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