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new trojan sex screen your records related sites when

tarekma7New Trojan Records Your Screen When on Sex Related Sites
[Image: malspam.png]

Quote:A new Spambot Trojan targeting French people has been discovered that records a victim's screen when they are using sites related to sex, pornography, and known pornographic sites.

We have all heard about the fake "sextortion" email scams that tell recipients that they have installed software that records them while you are on adult web sites. After a year of these emails being sent out, many people have come to recognize them as a scam.

In a new report by released today by ESET, a new Spambot is about to make things confusing. That is because it has been discovered to record your screen while you are on porn sites or pages with keywords related to sex.

Spambot targets French victims

This new Spambot is being named Varenyky by ESET researchers who said they discovered it when they saw an uptick of infections targeting French users in may. This same Trojan was also found by in June.

"In May 2019, ESET researchers observed a spike in ESET telemetry data regarding malware targeting France," ESET said in a new report. "After further investigations, we identified malware that distributes various types of spam. One of them is leading to a survey that redirects to a dodgy smartphone promotion while the other is a sextortion campaign. The spam targets the users of Orange S.A., a French ISP. We notified them before the release of this publication."

The Varenyky spambot Trojan is distributed through malspam emails that pretend to be invoices or bills. These emails are worded to try and convince the user to open malicious Word attachments.

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