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happy birthday whizkidraj

Mohammad.PooryaHappy Birthday whizkidraj
Happy Birthday whizkidraj

[Image: Birthday-Banner1.png]
Happy B-Day, Whiz!
I wish you all the best with lifetime upgrades.

Happy Birthday friend Bow
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday
[Image: LUFI845880.jpg?time=1519389298]
Thank you all. I did not come online at all yesterday. Spent almost the whole day with my 2 beloved people. It was a really great day and a day that you feel thankful for, to be alive and get to really be and spend time with your beloved ones.
The reason it was such a special day for me was because I met them after a long 2 or 3 months...and coz I thought that they had left me and all...

Even 2 to 3 months is a lot of time for not being with your most special ones. I talked and talked a lot with them like I am talking so much here can see the happiness and excitement in my writing here.
If any of you might have seen the movie "IT Chapter 1" in which there are these young children who take a blood oath to be together always and come back together me and my 2 people took that same kind of oath...not by cutting our hands and by real blood but by using the ketchup. Tongue

I can keep on talking yes, I want to mention a really big and special thanks to my dear friend here i.e Mohammad Poorya. He wished me the first, even before anyone else wished almost correct at midnight timing 00:00

So thank you again, my dear friend, and all of you and some of you who wished me 2 to 3 times at different places. :-)

My birthday is the most special day to me so I thank you all for keeping aside any differences, too, if we had any in the past and which keeps happening between us human beings.
Happy Birthday 2
Belated birthday whizkidraj    Big Grin

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